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How our Editorial Team Create Reviews

Our main purpose at Camping Strong is to create a community that is based upon honesty and helpful information. Camping Strong is committed to solving our readers needs as our entire business is built around this ethos.

Our writers and team are hand-picked to create first hand accounts, reviews, and personalize the content they are delivering to the reader. Think of it as talking to a close friend that has “been there, done that” and are letting the reader know what they think.

You will notice that the reviews do not include a “1-100 score” or a “out of five star” rating system. This is because we don’t believe everyone has the same scaling of our personal 100 or 5 star scale system. What we can do is provide the reader with top quality items and factual information to help make the decision process a bit easier.

Our writers are not incentivized in any shape or form by the company of which they are writing for/about. Often times, our writers are writing and instructed to only endorse items that they feel can benefit the reader.

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